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Luis Palácios  was born in the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Since he was young, Luis started a self-taught training in photography, music and visual arts. He grew up in the city but alternated part of his youth between the countryside and the coast, where his connections with nature and the wild life of the forests and the sea emerge.

Luis holds a degree in Business Administration from PUC-SP and a postgraduate degree in Strategic Sustainability Management from FIA-SP. He served as an Executive in the digital printing technology segment, helping to develop its application to the Digital Graphic Arts and Photography segments.

He followed the path of Art in parallel with his corporate career. He participated in several photography expeditions and workshops with renowned photographers.


In 2019 he studied Documentary Film Production at NYFA - New York Film Academy, where he graduated having produced and directed the short documentary "The unknown Grey" which narrates the challenges of wolf conservation in the North America region.

He has images published in news and magazines such as National Geographic, The Guardian, Conexão Planeta and also for organizations such as the Whitley Fund for Nature (WFN), ICMBio, UK Pavilion at COP28 Dubai among others.


In 2022, Luis was finalist and Highly Commended Image in the WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR  competition, at the Natural History Museum of London, in the Mammal Behavior category, participating in the exhibition shown in many countries, and being part of the official portfolio no. 32 of the contest. In 2023, he was a finalist and received an Honor  Mention at the 33rd. edition of the María Luisa Memorial awards, in the Principality of Asturias, Spain.


It works in favor of environmental conservation and sustainable development, supporting Non-Governmental Organizations and researchers with voluntary audiovisual work, nature and wildlife photography.

Promotes nature and wildlife photography expeditions, independent documentary films, among other activities related to voluntary audiovisual production in favor of environmental conservation.

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